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Track your expenses, split the bills, and manage your finances with our new personal finance app.

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Track expense

See all your spending transactions from any bank you connect, all-in-one place.

Split bills

Tag your transactions with your friends & families, and let them know who owes whom. All in real-time.

Manage finances

See all your account balances, Β find where you spent the most, & request/pay your friends right away.

How it works?

Splitting bills was never easy before.


Connect your bank

Automate tracking your expenses by connecting to 2000+ financial institutions using our secure bank connection.


Add your friends

Find & connect with friends from your contact. Create groups with friends you always hang out with.


Split expenses

Tag bills or expenses with your friends to share with them. Your friends on Luna can do the same. See who paid for what, and who owes to whom.


Settle Up

Pay or request using Venmo directly from the app, or simply record it as cash if you got paid offline.


Connect bank accounts

Connect your credit/debit cards and track your expense every time you swipe your cards.


Add Friends

Create a group and add the person/s to share/split expenses.


Split expenses

Split the shared expenses with your group and find out who owe to whom.


Settle Up

Pay or get paid using cash, Venmo or online methods.

We believe in sharing.

Personal +Β Shared finance

Groups with your buds 😎

Whether you're on a trip to Hawaii or celebrating a friend's birthday, create a group and tag expenses to who you paid for. Your friends on Luna can do the same.

Split like a pro πŸ––

Divide your expenses with any number of friends or family you want. You can choose to split equally, by percentage or by shares. We do the math for you.

Manual transactions πŸ’΅

We understand you don't always use cards at places. Simply create a manual expense transaction for those kinds of expenses. Your friend paid you back by cash? Record it as an income payment.

No more receipts ! 🧾

Who in the world today saves receipts? No, thank you. Taking pictures of receipts from the dinner? That's old fashion. Swipe and pay. Tag and split. Easy.

Offline accounts πŸ“’

You believe in cash? We understand. Use our manual account (Wallet) we created for you. All your cash/manual transactions are saved here.

Rename transactions βœ’οΈ

Β Your account your rule. Customize your transaction name to what you want it to be.

Categorize transactions 🍫

We know if your last purchase was for grocery or fast food. We auto categorize your transactions every time it hits your bank. Don't you like what we categorized? You got the power to change it

Analytics of your finances πŸ“Š

See your account balances, your total expense, or your income for this month. Track your spending's in each category and see if you're overspending on any of it.

and, we're not done yet....

We are constantly receiving feedback from users like yourself. Keep checking the latest update. Features like bill tracker, auto bill splits, Mutual goals are all being built while you read this...πŸ‘‰

Luna app dashboard screen
Luna App, bill splitting app, groups split
Luna app, split bills with friends
Luna app, request or send money to friends on venmo

Banks & aggregations

We respect your privacy and safeguard your data. We use a respected financial data partner called Plaid to securely connect Β 20,000+ US and Canadian financial institutions.
Know more about how we use Plaid and its service here. Plaid Inc. was recently acquired by Visa Inc., and many products in the industry use them for connections and aggregations. We can not transfer money or make any adjustments to your account.

Serious Security

We know your data is sensitive to you. We do not and will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time. Luna App uses the best encryption technology to protect your valuable information. The TLS-256 encryption technique used in our app ensures the safe connection between your device, our server, and your bank.
We used similar technology like Coinbase, American Express, Venmo, and more. Read more


November 1, 2020
How to transfer money to your friends and family?
Although the pandemic has badly hit us, we cannot run away from paying the child's school fee or paying reoccurrence bills. Similarly, transferring money might be necessary when you have to split the cost of dinner with a friend.
November 1, 2020
Financial Reporting/ Statement and its component
Financial reporting simply means the information that discloses the financial health of your business. In particular, it is the perfect way for the management and external stakeholders to know how the company has been performing over a period of time.
November 1, 2020
Financial risk and its types
Financial risk can be defined as a scenario where it is likely to risk losing money on an investment or business plan. Financial risk can manifest in multiple ways – from consumers who fail to pay for their orders, vendors who refuse to ship inventory, and even from the company's poor strategic plan.
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