Benefits of splitting bills through an app

November 1, 2020

'Split the bill' or 'Dutch the bill' is a statement that has become increasingly common among the masses in recent times. Particularly, the phrase simply means that any person in the group pays for their share when they dine or live together under the same roof.

Whether you dine with your friends or share expenses with your roommates or loved ones, it is always challenging to figure out who owes what to whom. As a solution, to simplify this headache, mobile wallet app developers have introduced the "split bill" function.

If you are still confused with the idea, check out this article to find the benefits of using the bill splitting app.

Easy with money reimbursement

Do you think it's stressful to ask your friends to pay back the money they owe you? If this is the case, the bill splitting app like Luna can be your perfect solution. Particularly, using the bill splitting app like Luna, you can easily determine who owns what to whom.

Bill splitting app
Bill splitting app can help you with reimbursement of money, source: Pixel

All you need is to invite your friends to create a group and tap split as soon as everyone is on board. The app also sends the notification to everyone about the amount they have to contribute, paying the bill. Isn't it something you have dreamed of??

No headache of calculation

Don't you think it's time-consuming to determine who ordered what and how much they have pay, incorporating taxes and tip amount in the estimate? On the other hand, it's embarrassing when we have to do this in a restaurant or cafe where a lot of people might be noticing you.

split bills
Luna app will overcome the pain of your bill splitting equation, Source: Pixel

And if this is your pain point, it's a time grab your phone and download the most awaited app luna. This app will overcome the pain of your bill splitting equation within a few seconds. Similarly, the calculation ensures that you don't have to pocket any extra cent.

Features of a digital wallet

This can be a bonus feature that bill splitting app like Luna offers. To be specific, using the app, you can forget about carrying physical money. The app has a feature to connect your multiple bank accounts and make your bill splitting procedure digital.

bill splitting app
Bill splitting app can behave as your digital wallet, Source: Pixel

On top of that, you can also track your transactions and keep a record of your expenses. Additionally, the app can somehow help you in budgeting too as it can give you an idea about the categories of your expenses. Besides, the app can also be helpful when you have to pay the debt to your friends and family.

Transparent while splitting

We hate spending on something that we aren't a part of, isn't it? To be specific, it can be annoying if you have to pay for the drinks that your friends ordered and you didn't take a single sip.

bill splitting
Finance and transparency compliments each other, Source: Pixel

And if your thinking matches with the above problem statement, the bill splitting app can be your lifeline. Using the app like luna, you can easily exclude yourself paying for the things that were not your preferences.


Although bill splitting previously has been one of the hectic jobs, the app like Luna is worth giving a try. Not only bill splitting but these types of apps can also help you to solve a wide range of financial problems. In fact, the app can serve you as your personal finance manager.

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