Eating out with friends? Here is how you split your bills

November 1, 2020
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When dining out or eating out with friends, are you the one who prefers to pay the bill for your food and drink, or split the bill to make an equal contribution? Although paying for your respective food and drinks is the most equitable way to split bills, you might be in situations where there isn't any alternative to bill splitting. In that case, you have to go through nightmares when the check arrives.

Splitting Bills can be the source of the problem, especially when anyone in the group refuses to pay. Moreover, it's almost impossible to split the bills without offending anyone in the process. To make it simple, you can talk with your friends as you don't necessarily have to subsidize your friends' expensive taste. You have every right to share the bills of whatever you eat with your colleagues or friends during a night out, dining, partying, and more.

Most problematic scenario: Splitting the restaurant bills

According to the research, splitting the restaurant bills the most problematic when people split shared expenses. As per the findings of the research, the  most common problems encountered by the people while splitting the restaurant bills are:

  1. Calculating service charge/ tip.
  2. If one person pays the bill, it is awkward to ask to be paid back.
  3. People feel guilty when they fail to pay back to someone, and they have to be reminded.
  4. When someone orders less than others, dividing bills evenly isn't always fair.
  5. People find it embarrassing to deal with bill splitting in the restaurant.
  6. The amount after split may be out of budget.
Easy Bill Splitting with Luna App

Solution: How Luna address the problems of Splitting the restaurant bills?

So the question is how to split the shared expenses fairly? The Luna app perfectly addresses the answer to these questions. Check out the features offered by the app to solve the problem of bill splitting with your family and friends.

Transparent on who owes what to whom

Finance and transparency compliments each other. Especially, transparency matters more when we talk about splitting bills. Unlike other bill splitting app, Luna has an easy way to demonstrate about who owes what to whom. In particular, you can split the restaurant bill in the broad spectrum, ranging from a group of 2 to 100s of people. As soon as you create a group for the transaction and tap split, everyone in the group gets a notification.

One person pays and is repaid

This option may be one of the easiest ways to solve the issue of splitting restaurant bills. You can take the lead in being a volunteer to pay the bill and ask friends to return their share using the Luna app; instead of using individual credit cards. In particular, the app has a feature that notifies each user about the amount they have to contribute to pay the bill. Besides, this also makes the process of bill payment fast and quick.

Fair Bill and Tip Splitting

When you and your friends don't find it appropriate to measure how much each person owes to the bill, dividing the bill equally is an easy solution. Together with bill splitting, most of the people find it hard on how to split the tip amount. So, to address this problem, the Luna app has a feature that includes the option to choose the tip percentage of the total amount. As a result, this helps the user to split the shared expenses easily, including the tip amount, which is charged by the service providers.

Ask someone to pay your share

Well, when you are partying or clubbing with friends, you might have to face the situation where you run out of budget. The Luna app has the feature that allows you to pay the share of your friends and keep the record. Additionally, the app can also be used for settling the debts between two or more people. Notably, using the app, you can either ask them to pay you back or use the amount at the next event while partying together.

Easy and efficient Bill Splitting

As per the research, most people find it embarrassing to deal with bill splitting in the restaurant. If you are among the people who have a similar type of problem, the Luna app can be the best option. To be specific, the app is designed with a hint of artificial intelligence that performs the calculation within seconds. Also, you don't have to get involved in calculation; instead, you just have to make a group, enter the amount, and tap split. Likewise, the result of the calculation performed by the app is 100% accurate.  

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