How can couples split the bills and shared expenses?

November 1, 2020

Splitting bills or shared expenses as a couple is a significant aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. Although everyone has their own way of managing finances, money becomes a talking point as soon as you decide to step into the relationship. Furthermore, each couple has their own way of managing money. Some may merge their finances while others would prefer to keep things apart.

On the other hand, splitting bills or shared expenses might have a different equation, depending on the type of relationship. If you are in a live-in relationship, you may have some confusion before deciding to combine finances. Contrary to that, things will be different when you are in a marital relationship. To be specific, the law doesn't have the same protection as you will have when married compared to cohabitation.

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Is your relationship toxic? Here is what research says

Back in 2015, according to a survey of people in a relationship or partnership released by SunTrust Bank, finance is the leading cause of stress in a relationship. Approximately 35 percent of all the participants of the survey said that the money was the leading cause of tension while irritating behaviors came in second, at 25 percent.

Split Bills: Illustrating couples shopping experience, and managing finance
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Similarly, according to the poll conducted by the, one in five Americans in a relationship said that they've spent $500 or more without informing their partner. Likewise, around 6 percent of respondents reported about the fact that they maintain secret accounts or credit cards.

Another research conducted by the Money magazine found that 70 percent of married couples fight over money ahead of conflicts about household chores, harmony, age, snoring, and much more. Additionally, another study based on the most common disagreements among the couple, related to money made the findings as:

  • 34% of the respondent has a disagreement over major purchases.
  • 23% have a problem with the spending habits of their partner.
  • 14% argue over important investment decisions.

Common problem couple faces while Splitting Bills

As mentioned above, money is the leading cause of stress in a relationship. Although the problems can vary, the research and stats suggest that the majority of the couple have the same money-related issues. Likewise, we have also done our own homework to find out some of the common money-related problems that a couple faces regularly. Exploring social media and some of the popular discussion forums, we have noticed that most of them are facing the challenge of bill splitting with their partner. In particular, some of the most common queries among the people involved in the discussion were:

  1. What is the best way to make my finance transparent with my partner?
  2. How can we make our finances fair?
  3. How do you and your partner split the grocery bill?
  4. When living with your bf what’s a fair way to divide rent and bills?
  5. How should I split the rent with my girlfriend?
  6. How do couples split bills?
  7. What is the appropriate way to split the bill on the dinner date?
  8. How do you decide who pays what bill in a relationship?
  9. How should we split our rent and utilities?

Luna: The solution to the problem; excluding money from the relationship

This research has led us to the idea that money can easily be separated from the relationship. we came up with a plan to develop an app that can split bills and share expenses like never before.

Confused? Let's find out how Luna solves the problem

Basically Luna is built to solve the problem of managing, tracking, and splitting of bills and expenses. Although it has a diverse application, let's discuss on how it solves the problem of finance in relationships.

1. System Transparency:

While we talk about money, especially when splitting bills and shared expenses, the only thing that gives satisfaction is transparency. So, Luna is designed in such a way that the couple can easily track their expenses. Being specific, the app allows you to keep track of how you and your partner are spending on groceries and other utilities. Apart from the transparency, this feature also allows you to monitor if your expenses are according to your budget or not.

3. Easy to Track Expenses:

You can connect the credit/debit card in the app to trace all your expenses at your fingertips. Additionally, the app allows you to connect your multiple bank accounts. As soon as you connect your bank accounts, your transactions will automatically get imported to Luna. Transactions are automatically structured in such a way that they are as easy to browse, sort, and filter. So, this feature helps the couple to find about where they have been spending most or vice versa. 

2. Automated Bill Splitting with Error-less Result:

Built with the hint of Artificial Intelligence, Luna can guarantee you the errorless result. Focusing on fairness, the calculation procedure incorporated in the app gives the desired result. Although math might be simple when you just have to split bills between a few people, the real challenges arise when you have to think about splitting shared expenses with the group. Using Luna, you can forget about math; instead, you will get the result within seconds just by tapping split.

4. Different options for the bill-splitting:

There are a lot of people who have a question regarding how I should split bills with my partner. To make it simple, the app offers the options: split by amount, split by percentage, and split by share.  You may choose any one of the options, whichever is appropriate for you to split bills and track expenses.

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