The best way of splitting rental and utility bills between roommates

November 1, 2020
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Having a roommate who can help you handle the financial burden of renting is never a bad idea. However, a roommate can be both blessings as well as a curse. Additionally, roommates are the ones who can help you choose a location that you have always dreamed of. Well, roommates aren’t just for students; perhaps, they might be your family members, friends, partner, or some random person. Although getting a roommate will help you with finance, there is an equal chance of conflict too. In particular, the most common problem between roommates involves splitting bills and shared expenses.

Splitting rental and utility bills can be both complexes as well as simple, depending on the relationship you hold with your roommates. Being specific, you might find it easy to have a conversation with your partner and family members when compared to friends or other unknown persons. Besides, splitting rental bills can be easier when compared to splitting the utility bills. This is because the cost of living space will be the same over a long period, while utility bills may vary from months to months.

Pew Research: More adults now share their living space

Richard Fry, the senior researcher at Pew Research Center, made the finding that the trend of sharing a home with other adults in the united states is increasing year by year. Surprisingly, he also mentioned that the roommates they prefer are the ones with whom they are not romantically involved. Also, the research found that "almost 79 million adults (31.9 percent of the adult population) lived in a shared household back in 2017". On the other hand, only "27.4 percent of adults shared a household in 2004,", the peak year of home-ownership.

With the increasing number of people sharing living space, it's apparent that they have to go through splitting rental and utility bills. Also, people might find it hard to Keep track of shared expenses, bills, and recurring expenses. Moreover, sharing a roof can be more hectic when it comes to tracking real vs. shared expenses, refunds from roommates, and unpaid dues. So with the reference of Pew Research and the above use cases, we have come up with an idea of developing the Luna app. Check out the section below to find out how Luna addresses the problem of roommates, related to finance.

Luna: the complete solution to handle finance of roommate

The AI-powered app, Luna, splits the issues into three separate categories. As per our understanding, the problem of sharing the roof with roommates involves splitting rental bills, keeping track of shared expenditures and bills, and handling personal finances. And if you're among people with similar pain points, Luna can be your ideal assistant.

Breakdown: How Luna address the issues?

As mentioned above, Luna has categorized the problems of roommates into three different sections. To find out everything in detail, keep reading this blog until the end.


One of the most common problem roommate faces is splitting rental and utility bills. Furthermore, the splitting of rental bills has a straightforward calculation, which is based on room size, closets, bathrooms, and more. On the other hand, splitting utility bills and grocery bills can be confusing. So keeping everything fair and transparent, Luna also helps you to split utility and grocery bills. In particular, the app has the feature of making a group between roommates, where each of them can make changes to let everyone know about the expense. With this, the automated system quickly figures out about who owes what to whom.


Together with splitting bills, it is equally important to keep track of shared expenses, utility bills, and recurring expenses. To solve this problem, Luna allows you to connect the credit/debit card of multiple banks. With this feature, the user can bring all the accounts in one place and monitor all the bills associated across various accounts. Once you connect your bank accounts, you will automatically import your transactions to Luna. Furthermore, this feature helps the user to distinguish the real and shared expenses. Likewise, the app can also keep track of how you and your roommates spend on groceries and other services, making sure that the costs are within budget.


In addition to splitting and tracking bills, the app can also be used as a personal finance manager. As a personal finance manager, the app has the best use while you have to track refunds from roommates or unpaid dues. Moreover, the app can also settle debts between two or more individuals. Notably, you can either ask them to reimburse you with the app or use the amount in the next calculation. To ensure conflict-free reimbursement, the app has a feature that notifies the roommates to pay up or clear debt.

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